SINULINDIA Consulting Services

Our consulting services include developing and supporting development of computer simulation models using various modeling paradigms. We help organizations by using the most appropriate method for analyzing their system.


SIMULINDIA's experienced team offers training for getting started with simulation modeling and developing advanced skills. We bring real-world lessons learned from our consulting engagements to help you build knowledge from the ground up. We share best practices, identify pitfalls and help clients fast-track solutions for their areas of focus.
SIMULINDIA is the officialŽ training provider for many M&S software providers from all over the world and provides regular multi-day standard training and also standard or customized on-site training.

Software & Staffing

As modeling & simulation experts familiar with the range of tools available in the marketplace, we frequently advise clients on:

Modeling and simulation, real-time control system development, and rapid prototyping of embedded controllers. Manufacturing custom design simulators as per customer's requirements.


SIMULINDIA offers consulting services dealing with real-time control, modeling, and simulation. Our core expertise includes developing complex real-time control applications and tools, and modeling and simulating complex control systems. SIMULINDIA consulting complements your expertise with advanced simulation methods, control theory, numerical and real-time analysis, rapid control prototyping and real-time simulation, and software development for embedded and control applications. SIMULINDIA Consulting Services include the supply of real-time engineering simulators for HIL testing, based on SIMULINDIA Technologies. Its real-time simulators feature automatic code generation from using powerful COTS hardware components, physical dynamic models (including full vehicle model, customized I/O interfaces, and software tools.