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What is Simulation?

A simulation model is a realistic, virtual representation of an existing or planned system. Simulation modeling allows proposed changes to be tested, and productivity impact analysis of these changes to be performed. Advanced computer simulation modeling and analysis is the economical decision-making tool that allows you to understand and visualize the effects of change and the resulting costs prior to implementation.

Who Uses Simulation?

A well-designed simulation model can benefit any work setting. PMC has diverse expertise in a wide array of industries.

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SIMULINDIA simulation consulting experts have experience with many simulation software packages. SIMULINDIA provides simulation services including modeling consulting, software sales, training, and support in major simulation software for ALMOST ALL SEGMENTS OF INDUSTRY

Solutions we Offer?

SIMULINDIA Prototyping & Simulation Centre of Excellence provides Lean Startup-style experimentation as a service, which allows clients to test the potential of their innovative ideas by turning hypotheses into facts and thereby weeding out the bad ideas and turning the good ideas into great innovations. The SIMULINDIA Prototyping & Simulation Centre of Excellence rapidly and iteratively creates the necessary solution prototypes and conducts the 'thought experiments' needed to simulate outcomes from the perspectives of customers, competitors, and partners. This gives you the information required to effectively evaluate an idea's customer attractiveness, market viability, and technical feasibility, as well as efficiently optimize overall innovation portfolio returns.

Solution Benefits

By employing SIMULINDIA Prototyping & Simulation Centre of Excellence, you can increase the quality and speed of decision-making input along the innovation lifecycle and thereby improve the probability of achieving the outcomes expected from your new and novel ideas. This helps you achieve: